The purpose of this blog will be to document what’s happening in the flora-that is, the PLANT world-in and around Abilene, TX, USA.  I’ll be starting as an Assistant Professor of Biology at Hardin-Simmons University (Abilene, TX) in January 2009 and will basically be the plant biologist/botanist for the department.  So, come springtime 2009 I’ll be roaming the roadsides in search of all that’s blooming.  I’ll take pictures of my discoveries and post them on the blog with the name of the plant (once I know what it is I’m looking at!) and comments on the unique and interesting aspects of the plant for other plant enthusiasts to enjoy.

Stay tuned for more details and info.  I’m not actually living in Abilene yet so not much will happen here for a while.  But check back occasionally as I may post some interesting facts about the plants of the Rolling Plains in the meantime. And by all means, feel free to contact me with comments or suggestions about plants!

Rick Hammer
hammer@tamu.edu (until Dec 31, 2008)

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